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Stops booting


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I stuff in the DVD into my drive and boot it up and evry thing i great until i get this message and the boot stops


FireWire GUID 0000000000000000 is invalid


And it keeps repeating and thats it, i can't boot the DVD (10.4.11)


is there any way to get around this problem ???


My machine is a Acer Travelmate 6460 (I its the crapy firewire in the laptop)

Intel Core 2 Duro 1,83Ghz

1,5GB memory and enuf harddisk



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I was lucky enough to have another HDD with a different MacOS on so i booted into it and removed all the kext with IOfirewire names, as i didnt have any firewire on my MB, and it booted through...


I think if you boot of the DVD and use Terminal to remove "IOFire*.kext", then remove your mkext file, it should boot just fine...


a long time ago(very) there was a post that said you had to replace one more file BUt that was an option and i can't remember if I used it?



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