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How to Install 10.4.9 on IBM ThinkCentre


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First of all, I installed my OSx86 system using Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3u. If you don't know where to get it at, you need to read this thread first!



1) Insert the DVD and boot the system

2) When the screen appears to give you boot options for the DVD, hit F8

3) Boot the DVD with the following options: -v -x

4) After several minutes the graphic installer should appear

5) Click 'Continue' until you get to the part of the instillation where you pick the install destination

6) Open 'Disk Utility'

7) Name the disk and format it as MAC OS Extended (journaled) by clicking erase

8) Now move to the Partition tab

9) Set the Volume scheme as (1 Partition)

10) In the volume information name the disk again

11) Now click 'Option' and select Master Boot Record instead of GUID

12) Partition the hard disk

13) Close 'Disk Utility'

14) Select the hard disk as the install destination and click 'Continue'

15) Now select the appropriate options for the install

16) Choose '10.4.9 for Intel' for the OS

17) Choose 'Intel sse2' for the kernel

18) Choose 'Remove CPUPowerManagement.kext' and 'Verbose Mode' in Patches

19) Choose 'Intel Pro/100 VI' in Drivers

20) Choose any additional apps you want to install

21) Click 'Continue', skip the Disk Check, and install will begin

22) After the install is done, the computer will restart

23) Eject the DVD and set the Hard Disk boot option to -v -legacy

24) Mac OSX will boot and take a very long time

25) It will finally reach the blue screen and hang

26) Do a hard reboot of Mac OSX and set the Hard Disk to boot with the same options

27) This time it will boot right up and you're all set

28) At this time, you can remove the -v string from boot.plist if you like as well.

29) Sound Works, Internet Works, Display Works! Enjoy!

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