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Keyboard problem with retail install


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I'm having a problem with my ps/2 keyboard immediately after installing the retail version of Leopard. I did a search of the forums and followed the instructions and it helped but didnt solve all of my problem. First I installed Leopard using iAtkos v1.0i with vanilla kernel and everything worked fine with my ps/2 keyboard and mouse. I could install, do the registration, and everything else with my ps/2 keyboard. I then followed the link below to install efi v8 and a retail copy of Leopard that I purchased onto a second hard drive.




After following the guide I can boot into the newly installed retail Leopard and get the white Apple logo. After a little while the screen changes and says I dont have a keyboard connected to connect a keyboard. I figured this was a problem with my ps/2 keyboard so I copied ApplePS2Controller.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext from my iAtkos install to my retail Leopard install. I used similar commands in this guide to do the copying and I also did the usual change of permissions and deleted the extensions.kext and then rebooted into the retail Leopard install again.




This time I got a little farther as the welcome video began to play but at the end of it I was again informed that I dont have keyboard connected and to connect one to continue.


Am I missing something to get my ps/2 keyboard to work? Why will my keyboard and mouse work with the iAtkos install using the vanilla kernel but not in the retail install? Is there anything else I can do besides buy a usb keyboard?

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