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Well, I'm recently in love with mac (I now own a iMac, Macbook & the iPhone) and it all works great. But, discovered video-editing and photo-editing and found it limited on my Macs (even though they're all Intel!).


So, decided to try building a Hackintosh. Last time I build a PC was about 4 years ago, meanwhile I haven't really gotten into hardware developments. I did some research the last few weeks and there are some pretty need new toys on the market! (Quad-cores, super fast RAM, etc.)


Main purpose for this machine will be video-editing and other (reasonably) tough tasks.


This was the configuration I came up with (based on the "less than $800 Mac" article on lifehacker):


Asus P5W DH Deluxe mainboard

Intel Core 2 Duo (between 2.2 and 3 ghz, the E6600 seems nice, maybe overclocking)


GeForce 7300 GT

200GB Hard Disk (Western Digital Raptor probably)

600 Watt (minimal)

Cooler (Scythe mugen of infinity?)

Some DVD writer (not really important)



So, I would like some advice... will the system be good enough to video-edit?

1. Mainboard ok?

2. What is a good series of processor, for overclocking maybe even (?)

3. Enough RAM, how fast (MHZ?) does my RAM needs to be?

4. Card good enough? Is there a better one (for a reasonable price of course :-) ) that is compatible with OSx86

5. Does my mainboard support 10000rpm of the Raptor? Or is the drive too fast for the mainboard?

6. Good cooler? Even when overclocking (I might want to try overclocking to 3.5ghz or something, if that's possible)



I'm not intend of making a super-budget system but I'm looking for a fair price-quality comparision!


Thanks in advance for the tips :-D



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