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Kernal Panic - No Such File or Directory


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Please if there is anyone out there with any information on this problem then I would be deeply thankfull.

Im trying to install leopard from a patched image to my Acer Aspire 5630.

I can install the operating system but whenever I try to go back in to use the patch it gets so far then its starts to panic.

I don't really know anything about what im doing but it says things like "Startup items --- No such file or directory" and it keeps on saying it until after 10 mins and it boots back into the installer cd.

It also says something about it being read only.

I try to apply the patch also and I get the same error messages in the terminal evern though the patch says it applied sucsessfully.

I know im no good at explaining it but if there is anyone out there who knows what im talking about then please would you offer me some help

Thank you.



p.s. I already own a mac btw but i dont want leopard on it because it has a horrible blue line going down the screen.

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