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Repair Physical Audio Problem (NOT DRIVER) Fix found

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All right here is my problem. My hackintosh's green line-out is no longer functional. A while ago it died on me on my Gaming PC but I was able to use Realtek Soundman to reassign the blue lead as audio out. Then I decided to go ahead and try installing OS X on this machine and everything worked great after some futsing around with a few drivers. However, OS X will not allow me to change ports for Audio Out; therefore I must find a way to get a functioning line-out.


What I was thinking was connecting to the AC'97 front panel audio connector. The problem is I can not find a case part to connect this to. All I can find is one that fits in my 3.5 inch drive bay with both audio and USB ports. Does anyone know where I can find a ribbon cable and front panel jacks alone, not with USB or a card reader? Will this work? Basically, I need to know one of three things.


1. If I connect to my mobo's front panel audio connector would this be seen by Mac OS X as the same thing as the rear Green Line-out audio port. Or would this just be another non-functional Blue headphone jack.

2. How can I test my green audio port for a physcial break? Possibly with an Ohm meter.

3. Is there a way to redirect the audio driver to the Blue or Red Audio Jack rather than the Green Line-out? I am using Appleac97audio.kext


Just for reference Mac OS X does recognize that there is an audio line-out I just can not switch jacks. The microphone appears to work as I have connected my stereo to the lead and the Mac shows audio inputting in System preferences.


As for my machine

OS: 10.4.8 not Jas some other distribution

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8NS (Rev 1.x)

CPU: Athlon 64 3000+ Newcastle SSE2 (no SSE3)

Memory: 1GB DDR400

Video: ATI Radeon X800XT 256MB (callisto only, I can not stand the mouse tearing when QE/CI is enable even with the Mighty mouse/ Boinx fixes)

Northbridge: Nforce3 250

Wireless: DLink DWL-G520 Rev B. (added to IO80211family.kext)

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I found a fix. I remembered that another computer in my house has front panel audio. So I removed the cabling and connectors for that computers front audio header and tested them in my hackintosh and it worked perfectly. Now I have working mic and stereo. I don't know about spdif since all of my stereos are 2-channel.


Anyways I am ordering cabling and jacks for my audio. And have found a great company that sells the mic and headphone jacks with front panel header connectors not mounted to anything. They also sell RCA to front panel and many other panel mount cables.


I am ordering both the rca outs and headphone/mic jacks. Hopefully the RCA jacks will work then I can use rca cables to go from my tower to my stereo without using a mic to rca adapter.


Check them out.



What I am ordering




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