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RADEON x1950 Pro on Tiger

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Hi guys. I have a problem with my setup and I need some answers.


First of all, here's my rig:



HIS x1950pro 256MB ICEQ3 Version

Gskill 2x2gb 4-4-4-12

2x WD 320Gb

Samsung DVDRW 20x

RT8139 PCI Ethernet

I am running JAS 10.4.8, updated to 10.4.10 using the combo update


The hardware in question is my Radeon X1950 Pro Video Card. The farthest I have managed is Full Res Support, Dual DVI, Rotation and Color Management. Alas, I am not able to obtain QE and CI. It is imperative that I obtain hardware acceleration. I need to use Final Cut Studio 2, and I am not getting anywhere without QE/CI. Other programs do not perform as expected, since they also depend on QE/CI on a lesser degree. Plus, it would be nice to release myself from the overall graphical chopiness that goes with software acceleration.


I have read all the posts regarding the x1950 Pro on this and other forums, and I have not been able to produce an answer. From what I can manage, it seems that there are no x1950 pro users that were able to obtain QE/CI with 10.4.8, 10.4.9 and 10.4.10. Leopard is another matter entirely. I too have managed QE/CI, but I cannot use Leopard for software compatibility reasons.


I have tried the Bronya driver, the JJcool method, and I also fiddled with different variations in over 8 different JAS 10.4.8 installs. Still no QE/CI. I read everything I could stumble upon, and was unsuccesful.


So here are my questions:


1) Is there anybody who was able to run a x1950 PRO with QE/CI (no articrafts or glitches, of course) on 10.4.8, 10.4.9 or 10.4.10? If so, can you help me out?


2) I am currently downloading the xXx 10.4.11 with EFI install, which is the only of the newer Tiger versions that I haven't tried. Anybody had any luck with QE/CI on a x1950pro with this one?


In the case that I cannot fix this issue, I will have to replace my video card. I need to buy something in it's price range, and this time I need something with more compatibility. I have read that x1950XT owners were able to run their card with everything working on both Tiger and Leopard. The XT seems to be a good choice. However, I need to be sure about it. Maybe you guys can recomend another card that works perfectly with Final Cut Studio 2. I do not live in the US, and graphics cards are aproximatly 35% more expensive here, and of course our wages are definetly not the same as they are up there! I really need to watch my budget.


So that's that, I guess. If you guys can help me keep my card, you'll be doing me a great favour. If not, I hope you can help me choose one that will work the way I need it.


Thanks for taking your time.


Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina,


Leo :)

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Well, I am happy to inform that I have been able to solve the problem. I installed the xXx 10.4.11 BlackChungo release with EFI V8. After that I simply installed Bronya's driver for 10.4.11, nothing else. Full resolution support, Rotation, Mirror and QE/CI :D .


My thanks to everyone, especially Bronya and BlackChungo. I hope this info helps other x1950 Pro owners out there!

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