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Driver Support for RME 96/8 hammefall audio card and WinTV Nova s-plus


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is there any driver support for

the RME Hammerfall series out there? (98/6 digipad) (audiocard)



the Hauppage WinTV Nova S-Plus? (tv card)



further i need some short information on how to start install mac os x on my pc..


right at the moment i have an athlonxp (but dont work with sse right? )


so i planned to buy a athlon64 with sse3 and an ASUS M2A-MX AMD690V

what i need now to start? which os release? which other packages or patches?

also a guide to install it without having a mac...


and.. if this isnt workin with my audiocard.. i gonna buy a g5 :wacko:


thanks guys for info

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