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Blinking cursor after installing?


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So, my friend installed Leo and after rebooting this problem occurs when its not booting into leo and showing this blinking cursor "_".

It does boots up after he inserts the DVD, and typing rd-disk0s1 into darwin loader.

His hardware:

Gigabyte 945gz motherboard with intel dual core processor.



At the install he chose EFI darwin for sse2/sse3.


Thats all I know about his machine and about what he had installed, do you guys know a fix/patch to this? maybe he installed something that he shouldn't have, could you tell me please what he should or shouldn't install?

BTW he installed with iAtkos 1.0ir2 ISO.

I've looked for it all over the place, I've seen couple of similar post but no help there...






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Did you install darwin boot? Also try running a GParted live CD (linux partition utility) and checking the flags on the drive and make sure there is a boot flag. When I installed via iATKOS I had to set a boot flag on my HD because for some the installer didn't... I got the white cursor when I didn't install Darwin_boot. Reloaded the disk and all was good.

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