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Paper Clip Trick Reloaded!

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Hi! I want to share this with you.


Some of you know about the paperclip trick, that is blending a paperclip to an "U" shape to join to pins of the VGA port at least with HP laptops, they join pin 6 and 12 (RED + and RED -), but you have a warning about that you are making a shortcircuit there, so your laptop can be burned with this trick.


Worried about this i readed some and I found that the expected resistance of the circuit between pins 6 and 12 is 75ohms, so, if you want to run osx in your laptop and you need the paperclip trick, better go to radioshack, buy a 68 ohms (or something very near to 75 ohms) at 1/8 of 1/4 watt and use it instead of the paperclip, and you will have a safe jumper for your laptop without the risk of burning your motherboard.



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