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Realtek 8168 issue and more.


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Hey guys.


I've managed to install Leopard onto an external drive now i need help on getting the Ethernet and my 7600GT working. I have searched the forum but it's all bits and pieces can someone help a noob to configure these drivers?


Here's the list of problem I need help on.


1) I need to type RD=Disk1s1 to boot Leopard ( im guessing it's cause my external drive isnt active or bootable?)

2) I need fix my Realtek 8168 ethernet working. I found some instructions such as the realtek1xxx installer. But I couldnt get it working after installing.

3) I need to get my 7600GT working. I installed it with Nviject, though i could get 1680x1050 resolution the Graphic Profiler it's still not showing 7600GT.


ASUS M2A-VM HDMI AMD 690G + SB600 Socket AM2 M-ATX

AMD AM2 X2 Dual Core ADO4800+ DD CPU

Seagate 250.0GB ST3250410AS SATAII/16MB HDD


Any tips or help would be great.




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