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Asus P5W-DH hang @ install


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When trying to boot off the kalyway dvd to install I get this when I do -v


IOATACONTROLLER device blocking bus


I've tried allsorts of bios settings and configurations to get it to work but no luck.


I have 1 hd on sata 1 and 1 dvdrw on ide as slave (not jmicron)


If anyone can help with bios settings or suggestions please do

I'm stumpted =(

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When I boot Kalyway it loads all the kexts and when finished I get


ioatacontroller device blocking bus

still waiting for root device


can anyone give me some tips as to what to do...

I've got my dvdrw in hte ich8wateva slot set to slave and WD raptor in Sata1 set to master

Which bios settings do I need to change to get it to work I've tried everything possible I think.


pls help

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