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Dell Insp 1520 No Sound nothing works from forum?


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Tried all the 9205 codec dumps for my laptop yet no luck the keys all work though on the front but no sound at all :thumbsup_anim:

Another question... how do i retrieve soundcard information windows doesn't tell me alot and my driver on the disc says 92xx.

Has anyone managed to get that codec dump workin for dell 1520 that bari86 posted no luck with myn?

Many thanks, Shaun

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I can't check which model my soundcard is im pretty sure its a sigmatel 9205 cos its a dell 1520 but none of the codec dumps work and wouldn't mind checkin to see if it rele is a 9205 or not. Any help would be great,


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I too have a dell 1520 the codecs failed but there are ktexts that work pritty well the only thing I don't have working at the moment is the mute button on the front

the inputs and and head phones are working




New version :

- Speakers and jack output should work

- Jack input should work (tested with a simple mic)


To install :

- Copy the AppleHDA.kext to /System/Library/Extensions

- repair permissions


I hope this helps



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