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Slow graphics problem after Kalyway install


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Hi everyone.


Sorry for what are probably stupid questions, but I have installed 10.5.1 onto a spare HD, after a few atempts, I have got it going. However, anything graphical (like a photo) takes a while to open. It opens blurred, then a second or two later refreshs and looks ok. I have absolutly minimal knowledge of MAC software, but take it that this is a problem with GPU drivers. So, I installed Natit, which totally slowed my system down. The mouse moves realllly slowly. I have tried other USB and PS2 mice. I couldnt work out howto uninstall Natit, so as I had nothing to loose, I reinstalled the OS completly.


So, what am I doing wrong? Basically, from fresh Kalyway install, (only option I selected during install was MBR) I ran the Natit package. From there, my system was on go slow. I have done the obvious, like rebooting, but other than that, I have no idea what to do. I also reinstalled, selecting the Natit option from the install program, which has the same slowdown results.

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