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Leopard on a Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC


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OK. I get the feeling there is a way to make this work that shouldn't be too hard, I just need some help. I have a Q1 Ultra and Kalyways 10.5.1 dvd, now I go to install leopard with no additional command line switches and everything (albeit slow) runs fine. It gets to the language selection screen, but whatever you click on at that screen causes the loading beach ball to come up, and it just stays there, frozen. I tried using vanilla at boot, but that didn't make it as far (crashed, and rebooted, before the language screen). The thing that sucks about starting the install normally is that once you get to the language screen, -v is essentially useless, so theres no way for me (that I'm aware of) to see an error message or anything.


Anybody else have any luck, or know some more command line switches I could try? The UMPC's don't have a load of BIOS options to mess around with :/




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