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Any PRO Users Here? i.e. work in Film/TV/Graphics?


Are you a PRO? FT? PT? Freelance  

  1. 1. No I am not a pro

    • Not a Pro but would like a decent graphic (GPU) machine (cheap)

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Freelance audio (have successfully release a product in mainstream, Sony, Ilio (sample companies, i.e giga/tascam) or, PRO (studio), FCP for television, ad's, commercial or Graphic design for Warner, NBC, Boston Globe, Radio, et.


I'm trying to see what the majority is.


The reason I ask is, Apple used to focus on the pro in the entertainment business and today, they still lack a sub $1000 machine with decent graphics for fear PROS would buy the cheap systems. The truth of the matter is, mom, baby strollers, puppies, and "...is 160GB memory..." users make up the market share, not the pros, so releasing something for a good price would cause some users to by the machine for games. e.g. iMac loads unreal 3 excellent on iMac, (bootcamp windows) and would expect UB version for Mac (FEB?) would be fine, especially on a Mac Pro or Mac Book pro - -still, for a laptop you need to spend $2000 if you have any inclination on playing any type of cool game, and of course, motion and would like to see, who here works in the "biz."


Thanks :blink:

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