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I have been trying to install mac osx86 for about a year with no hope and its driving me crazy. here are my spec straight from the manufacture.


Hardware Specifications




what version of 10.4 do I need because I've tried the infamous deadmoo image dd it over to a 10gb hard drive formated in AF but it just says "still waiting for root device" and it is the primary drive and I've even tried it as the ONLY drive in the system. even had hard drive master and dvd drive slave and vise versa. any ideas anyone.

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Without digging to deep (noticing "SIS integrated graphics"), I *suspect* you own a computer that is going to be rather Mac "unfriendly".

The farther afield you stray from an Intel processor installed in an Intel chipset board (the original spec) the more problems you are going to have.

SIS chipsets, if you can get them working, are rather slow at this (unsupported), your SIS video is not supported at all, and neither is your Yamaha audio.

Maybe choosing another candidate is your best option.


I am rather "new" at this, but we find ourselves in a situation where the operating system dictates the hardware, quite unlike Windoze.


You are going to get your easiest install on:

Intel P4 processor, at least 2.4ghz

Intel chipset board

1g of ram (512m MINIMUM)

40g hardrive

Nvidia video card (a FX5200 seems to be good)

ADI, CMedia, or Realtek AC'97 audio (nothing "fancy")

Intel NIC


There is a full list of supported hardware here:



My first attempt was on a Acer Veriton 7200 that I pulled out of a dumpster. I added some ram, and a video card, and it took me a couple of days to get it up (more *thinking* than doing). It is too slow (1.7ghz P4), and doesn't have enough ram (512m), but I got my feet wet, and it does work (I'm on it now).

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