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Hawking HWP54G PCI wireless

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If you're still looking for help 3 months on...


macgirl posted in an obscure thread about new RaLink drivers released in March and available only from their Taiwan website. Like everything else on this site it took forever to find that information. It's not in any sticky topic or mentioned in any hardware compatibility list. These forums would be so much more useful if there was a function to search within a thread. The nuggets of information are usually buried in the middle of 15-page threads.


I just installed the version for 10.5 Leopard and while the card is seen there are still some problems. In the network control panel the device shows up with a green dot next to it, but it has a "self-assigned" IP address that is useless. The MAC address also appears for it if I do 'ifconfig' from a Terminal session. The Apple Airport utility doesn't recognize it. The RaLink wireless control panel app doesn't see it, either. That's one buggy application! You can only press the "scan" button once and then you're SOL if it doesn't see your wireless network right away. It's necessary to have the wireless part associate with the network before it can actually communicate and that's not happening.


I'm optimistic it will work with a few tweaks. I'm also pretty sure if the information needed to make it work is on these forums it will take at least 2 hours to find it (assuming there's not another outage like this afternoon). I'll update this thread if I make any progress. Actually, this thread should be moved into the "Lan & Wireless" section but that's another story.

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I looked around some more and found other people did mention the Taiwan website for the latest 10.5 RaLink drivers. What I found is the latest driver package from March has an RaLink wireless utility application that doesn't recognize the card. It always claims, "No device!!!!!".


I retrieved the older driver package from the US website and, using Pacifist, extracted the wireless utility application folder and replaced the one from the March package. It immediately saw not only the card but it also detected the wireless APs in the area. Hooray! I was even able to associate with my AP once I gave it the correct passphrase.


I got my Google homepage to load in Safari exactly once. Nothing else loads. It just sits there "loading...". When I open the wireless utility it shows the HWP54G has become un-associated. The link status is red. If I connect it will turn green again, but it always seems to drop out shortly thereafter.


I'm playing mix-and-match now to see if I can find a combination that will connect and stay connected.

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