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few Q's about laptop keyboards


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so I have these old DVDs I burnt a while ago of OSX 10.4.7 and 10.4.8 Both will boot into the install menu...but both don't recognize my Laptops Keyboard or Touchpad so im rendered pretty useless all I can do is sit and wish I could press the buttons to set up the OS


I have an Acer 5040 which is basicly an AMD Turion 64 with 512 RAM and about 60GB of space..then theres the Atheros Wireless that would not be a big deal if it didn't work than the basic Realtek sound built in.


Is there any flag I can used when I am booting into the OS Setup that will help me recognize my stuff...?


cuz I dont want to have to use a USB key/mouse to install the OS then not be able to use my laptop stuff when its all set up.

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