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Eventual solution to blinking cursor during reboot

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I was having the same error as a lot of others: a blinking cursor after install.

The partition i used was created on different ways I found in this and other forums.

The partition was active and the disk I used was AHCI controlled and connected to channel 1


I soved this using Kalyway's "make disk bootable for Leopard" iso.

Booting from this CD wasn't really an option because I couldn't get past the "waiting for root device" error.


So as a solution I used VMWare workstation on my XP disk. I created a Virtual machine (Windows NT) and connected the physical disk I wanted Leo on to it.

In this way I could boot into the CD and let the Kalyway CD do it's work.


After this I diconnected my other drives and made the Leo disk the boot disk in BIOS and installed the Kalyway Leo DVD.

Make sure you use the right boot files (MBR or GUID)


Leo did crash during first boot. Had to do with the display driver. So booting with -v -x and installing right driver fixed this.


Hope I can help anyone with this.

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