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Installing leopard on external flat drive?

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I have Hp laptop dv6516tx



160gb harddisk sata

2gb ram

nvidia 8400gs graphic card

intel core two duo 1.5ghz(each)

intel chip set


i have Windows vista home premium and ubuntu already installed on my laptop so my onboard harddisk i have a external usb flat drive 80gb i want to install leopard on it.


i am completely new to the mac world i recently started my enginnering so have plenty of time to fiddle with the comp and am keen on learning new os b4 the course bools teach me. and am excited coz it gives me the feel as if i am in first grade as since childhood i have been exposed to windows only but got my handson linux based ubuntu and now i want Mac leopard


please help me out and explain in detail step by step


my end sem exams are on and still posting it i hope you can guess my excitement about it thank you in advance

please help me or rather i should say show me the way!!!!!

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Since you are already in the studying mode with exams and everything, I would suggest first going to the Tiger side and examining some of the very excellent tutorials over there on setting up osx. Also, look through the wiki to see how compatible your system might be with osx86. I definitely wouldn't experiment with this if I didn't have an external drive, or a separate laptop drive to swap in while I was learning. At the very least you want to be sure you have a dependable backup of all your present systems and data. Reading the tiger forum and doing some basic experimenting with some of the install disks that are out there will help you to zero in on some more precise questions. Using your own id as an example, presently you are asking 'solar system' questions when with a little work on the Tiger side, you could be asking 'Chandigarh' questions. Good luck.

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alright i am downloading the leopard osx86 and now as far as i get it all i have to do is during instalation select the external disk(usb flat drive 80gb)


firstly does anyone know how to go about it step by step i have to do the old hit try learn mechanism !!!



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