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Ultimate b0 error problem

Seth Zaryu

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I've been reading about the b0 error... I've tried two things.


At first I had C:(Windows XP) and D:(Mac OSX Leo) then I went on and read somewhere I had to set as active, so I went to the terminal, used the fdisk utility and I followed the tutorial... However I never set anything as primary since I didnt know how to do that.


Then I set fk this and I deleted everything, made one partition, installed Mac OSX Leo on it.. (extended journaled) Then since it still poped the error b0.. I went and did the whole set as active... however its the only partition, it should bet set as active AND primary, no?


I really can't find why it's poping this error... I tried different installation.... kernel 9 something.. some drivers.. mix and match. I have a P4 3GHZ single core, 1gb ram, one ata300 hard drive(might be ultraDMA, not sure but i dont think so)


Please help... I'm clueless. :P

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