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Successful Install on Foxconn 975x7ab

Arab the Stab

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Just spent a few days installing Kalyway's 10.5.1


System Config.


Foxconn 975X7AB motherboard


DuoCore 3.0 Ghz


NVidia 8800GTS


80gb Sata hdd


IDE dvd drive.


I had to reformat my hard drive. It was partitioned and I could not get it to boot. Im sure if I was the power user I make out to be I would have been able to use fdisk to make it work but what I did was remove the partitions and reformat and when I did chose the GUID option. (there is an option to choose the boot record in Disk Utilities when you format) It works without the hassle of working anything out in fdisk when using the MBR method.


I had problems with video tearing on v 10.4.8 but this version the video works straight out of the box. I did not choose any of the video drivers in the install section as I have had issues getting my 8800gts 512mb to work. So i was pleased, the video memory is not showing up correctly in the System Profiler, coming up as 14mb but that is to be expected with no driver support installed yet.


Had a few self made hassles, I chose some options in the customise section of the install that i shouldn't have. First i chose the vanilla kernel option and then i tried the SSE2 option. These choices resulted in the system endlessly rebooting at startup. What I should have done was not choose any options at all, cause when I left it alone it worked a treat. (but if you give me something that is configurable, I will try to configure it, how many of us don't choose the "For advanced users.." or "Custom Install" options if they are there? :D )

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