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I cant install any programs, please help!


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Okay, I have macs at my school and I think they are a lot better than windows. I still am very new to macs so I decided to make my computer a dual-boot hackintosh. I used uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3 and installed the base system first then I installed the drivers for the ethernet, sound, etc. So then I repaired my Vista partition and used bcdedit to create a dual-boot menu. Everything went well and now I have a fully working hackintosh.......or so I thought... I downloaded Garageband '08 with utorrent and the readme told me to deselect everything except garageband, garageband additional sounds, and sounds and jingles. Thats exactly what I did and then it asked for my password and asked me if I wanted to continue. I clicked continue and then right when it is about to start the installer says "There were errors installing" and in the middle it says "Please try installing again." I tried like 6 times selecting the packages one by one but it still didn't work. I even downloaded photoshop '08 and tried and got the same result. Then I looked on the web and tried the post-install fix but when I entered the command line in terminal it said it couldn't be found :censored2: :rolleyes: . Can someone please help me because I have no idea what to do and I really want to make my own music. It's one of the only reasons I installed a mac (the other was imovie). I'm only like 13 and I am new to the hackintosh scene so please don't flame on me if this problem has a common sense answer. Thanks in advance.


Ps: When ever I turn my computer on from standby mode (when im using the mac partition) I click on things and the busy circle freezes. so i click on other things and it does the same thing. even when i move it over my dock my icons don't magnify (i turned magnification on). I can move the cursor but the whole computer is locked up and I need to restart. If you have a solution to this it would also help.

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