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leopard iatkos v1.0i errors and more - Please HELP!


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Hi there

I've recently tried to install iatkos v1.0i on my computer.(just so you no I have a 500gb hd, 25gb allocated for osx86). I have vista on my primary drive. Before I installed, I partioned my hard drive with vista inbuilt parition manager. I loaded the iatkos dvd, partitioned the 25gb hard drive for Osx. I also set the darwin bootloder before I installed it.

When it finished it rebooted, i waited for the countdown and it started loading leopard.


After the grey apple logo, it oviously loaded the intro video(i could hear music), but my screen was grey with some pixel lines(basically grey). It is probably is a driver problem. But none of the drivers on the "customize" menu are my graphics card(i have an ATI 2600TX). This is not the only problem.


Since i put the darwin bootloader, i get a "HFS+ partition error". No vista or OSX. I have a Gparted live cd and when i try to boot partition 1 (ie. vista), it still has teh HFS+ error.


I cannot access any operaring system!!

I do not want to reinstall vista!

Some causes might be:::

Set Osx hd as MBR(in disk utility? how?)

or to flag the OSX/vista partition - I do not know how to do any of these things??



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