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is there any particular order for installing Callisto and AGPGart?


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I have an AGP ATI 9800 Pro on Kalyway's 10.4.10. I've got Callisto 8 working sort of (1600x1200 but no QE or CI). I move on to doing the replacement of "CallistoFB" in the ATI9700ga.plugin to try to get QE and CI but it doesn't work. My card is still recognized as PCI. So, I try to install AGPGart 2.1. I have installed this one before by itself (sans Callisto) and it found my card as AGP. But if I try to install AGPGart after I do the Callisto stuff, I get a garbled screen at bootup, it looks like the bootup text that justs stops but threes times overlap so nothing is legible.



Two questions: is there a particular order these 2 drivers need to be installed, ie. AGPGart before Callisto, Callisto then AGPGart then do the "CallistoFB" replacement, or AGPGart then Callisto?


Secondly, if I end up with the garbled screen at bootup, what do I need to do to remedy it? Can I just delete the last driver added? How do I do that if that's it? Total noob here, so I've been just re-installing osX everytime I've got stuck. Good thing it doesn't take too long to install.


Thanks in advance.




Update - just tried a bunch of combinations and here's what I got, for my rig Callisto 8 didn't work with agpgart 2.1, did work with 1.2 though. Callisto 6 work with agpgart 2.1 and 1.2. and I got more resolution choices and refresh rates. But with either combination neither QE or CI were supported. Oh well. At least it seems peppier.

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