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Midi (testing and in Logic)


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Hey all, everything is going smooth now with XxX 10.4.10 ASUS P4P800s 2.8 FX5900u.


AC97 working, and now trying to get the midi going.


Im decently new to OS X. Anyway, so I hooked up the keyboard to midi port

and added a midi device in the midi control panel, and hit test. No sounds when

hitting keyboard, so Im guessing its not getting any information. I also can't get

logic to see any info either (but I presumed as much without test working).


There are settings for midi in bios (200/300, 230/300, etc) do these matter?

is there a setting that should be used that macs use by default?


Or is onboard midi not currently supported by current oem/3rd party osx86 drivers?



Give me hope with success stories if you have em




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