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Successful install now just working through lissues


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OK so I have been reading around for the past 3 days and tonight I finally got my Dell Inspiron 9100 OSX86 install completed and it boots and runs fine (a little slow)


The only issues are I have no sound, no NIC, no wireless and the OS is seeing my 2ghz pentium M as a 1.8ghz???


As I said I have been reading around different sites and used the search function and so far Im not sure where to go from here. I have no Mac experience whatsoever so Im curious as to where to look for drivers, and more importantly how to install them.


Also are there any tricks to speed things up? It seems a little on the slow side.


I understand Im probably asking complete newb questions that have been asked a thousand times but I have used the search function on this site as well as others and just need a helping hand. Any advise is greatly appreciated!

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