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Freezes when erasing and formatting the partition


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I'm using the AMD version of the Mac OS X Leopard install (Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 for AMD SSE2/SSE3 (32bits))


I first boot with "-x"

Then after all those messages load up, I open up Terminal and type in "ps auxww | grep fsck"

I then go to Disk Utility and choose the recognized NTFS partition I made for the OS X Installation.

I click the "Erase" tab and I format it as a Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)

It says Unmounting drive and it freezes 1 minute later.

So whats the problem?


And I made a NTFS because it would recognize my FAT32 partitions. I use a SATA HD.

The installer is made by zephyroth



Below are some screenshots of the freezing part.



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same problem with me but not freezing

i'm using hp dv6000 laptop

you seem to be using hp laptop??


my problem is that disk util wont eraes the partition it gives me bad input/output error...i did id=af and did try again it formats but wont mount again giving me error


Error: The underlying task reports failure on exit 1 // something like that


hdd seems to be fine i install vista on it xp on it works fine i tried creating partition through vista and also through xp sp2 since it gets stuck in vista when i do id=af thingi


but now that everything is fine .. the partition wont mount not even sure if it actuly erased the partition to hfs+ but didnt mount.. hmm


ps. i'm using the same dload on amd turion 64 x2

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