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iATKOS on a cheapo intel


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Built it for my mom. System is as follows...


Intel D945GCPE

-GMA 950 QE/CI working on install

-Realtek 8111B working on install

-Realtek ALC662 working on install (stereo output only, no input)

-SATA works

-PATA works although the board doesn't like an optical on the same chain as a boot drive and it would seem to "forget" the existence of the optical. I am told this is an issue with the board and NOT OSX.


Intel Celeron 420 Conroe-L

-EFI caused consistent restarts at boot


Kingston Value 1G DDR2 667

-Recognized as is


While it works great at the surface, there are some issues present. First, when I installed EFI it would cause a constant reboot at boot. Then when I reinstalled the drive was never flagged as the boot drive, so I simply had to run a GParted live disk and flag the drive as a boot drive. There are several other little hangups that I keep finding with this. There are small graphical glitches, little black boxes or the mouse pointer will be in several places at once. It seems to mostly just be annoying to look at. This may or may not be from using Darwin boot without EFI. Soft shutdown, restart and sleep don't work and I'm having problems running some apps and also shutting some down. Some apps fail to load completely locking up finder completely with the only cure a hard restart. Disk utility fails to load this way and I have had system preferences fail. It seems system utilities are the most prone to failure though I have had Star Craft fail in such a way. This might be though a lack of compatibility with 10.5. I think I might just go back to Tiger if things don't get better sorted.

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