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ATI Mobility x1600


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Hey all, this forum has been a fantastic help just browsing through the topics, you guys are awesome:)Having one final problem though getting my Hackintosh up and running and that's getting the Mobility X1600 to operate properlyATM I'm only able to get above 1024x768 by running -f Graphics Mode 1680x1050 in Darwin bootloader, however the OS only bumps it up to 1440x1050. Mouse tearing is pretty bad at points to the point where sometimes I have to restart.I tried Diaboliks Mobility kext to no avail, anyone have any success with a mobility?




An update: I edited the mobility.kext to include my device ID 0x715c1002 to the vendor list, and seem to have gotten rid of the mouse tearing.However I still am unable to change resolution and the one and only video game I play (EVE online) no longer works. The video game had worked previously but was unusable due to excessive mouse tearing.Also, at the risk of sounding completely moronic, what is QE/CI that I see a lot of talk about?

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