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Help needed on HIS X1950XT (no CI/QE)


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Distro installed: XxX 10.4.11

MBoard: ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe

Video: HIS X1950XT 256MB PCIx


I used Jccool's latest Radeon set of drivers

Unfortunately the set has no exact indication of which drivers I should use

with 10.4.11. It has for 10.5.1 though :-)))

(remember the GUI ? The one with checkboxes ;-) ...)


So I just chose the one that looked the closest to a 10.4.x installation.

Well... I got all except QE and CI.



I really need help on this one because it's kinda frustrating.

I read a lot on how easy is to get full video features on X1950XT so I invested in one.

Couldn't get a Sapphire but I got a HIS. Same thing anyway.

And now I find myself in front of this endless CI/QE problem on a card that should work perfectly.



So ... any help ?

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"Essentials" , EFI and "ICH" (the one specific to the Mobo)

The NICs were added out of the box.


When the installation finished I installed JcCool's Radeon drivers.

And that is the most I've got from this install test.

No CI, no QE. Everything else seems to be working fine.



Nothing else

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