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Disable USB device


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hi all

in my previous posts i've tryed to fix a boot problem: sometimes my iAtkos hangs on boot


now i'm going some steps further ...


after many tries disabling kexts i've found the problem reason: USB.


In fact removing IOUSBFamily it doesn't hangs on boot anymore

this is very strange so i'm pretty sure that the problem is an integrated peripherial physically attached to an USB Bus (internal one)


it can be TV Tuner or Webcam (i think TV Tuner 'cause on other revision of my laptop -with only webcam- there aren't problem)


so ... my question is

there's a way to disable an integreted usb component (BIOS hasn't any option) passing some parameters to darwin or modifing the USB related KEXT?


i've both ID for all the bus and for incriminated peripherial

someone can help me?




And again ... sorry for my poor english

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ive have the same problem..im runnin kalyway10.5.2 and the usb hangs on boot..i have a hp dv9730ca.

2x 160gb sata hds

bradcom wirless

2gb ram

amd turion 64x2 dual core

nvidia go series video and its got 4 usb ports.. i also have firewire, hdmi, expaansion port, card reader, s-vid..could any of those besides usb cause the hang... and it says waiting for root device...and it waits for like 25 mins then boots fine into osx.. then its promts me and says iousb.kext is improply installed , try reinstalling.. now when i ran vista , ther was a problem too.. i think i have a malfunctiond usb port..cause it would always say there was a usb device it couldnt reconise.. should i remove the iousb kext from the list? and is it possible to disable that 1 usb thats giving me balls.. and use the other 3. ? :D .. im a noob..i did pretty good for installing for my first time.. i also would like to know.. if i can dual boot with 2 separate hd`s insted of just partitioning one???... right now im only using osx..i love it better than vista;) thanx for you time

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