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Up and running on a Thinkpad R60


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A long week of doing nothing at work has made me install Leopard again and see if I can get it working on my Thinkpad and I have.


Fresh install on a 60GB HDD - pulled out my SuSE drive and dumped in the one from my USB case (SATA)


Install went fine, no problems all done within an hour.


rebooting threw up an error B0 with the DVD not in the drive


with the DVD in the drive it booted into the desktop no problems. Not ideal but usable for now.


LAN is running, haven't been able to try WiFi yet.


No sound though - no sound hardware is detected. I didn't know what one to choose during install. Any ideas as to what one I want?


Will try some more and see what else needs sorting


So any ideas on the B0 error and the sound?


Oh yes and power management is turning the machine off, I've read that this is a common problem and will read up on that.

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