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dual boot help


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i have a problem...

cant seem to find solution to dual boot my system.



laptop m2000 series compaq

internal hdd : osx86

external hdd usb : win xp


i installed osx86 using native dvd install (without usb hdd being plugged in)

- after everything worked i popped out the internal hdd (osx86)

- plugged in usb hdd and installed winxp

everything worked as well.


replaced my internal hdd and configured the bios to boot usb first.

but everytime i remove the usb, bios forgets the settings and i have to reconfigure bios to boot to usb hdd (windows)


is there a bootloader procedure i can follow to make the bios null and instead,


do the following



boot internal hdd bootloader

> if usbhdd (winxp) is present, boot to usb

> if usbhdd not present, continue loading osx86




i hope someone helps out...

thanks in advance.

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