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Help installing uphuck 10.4.9 on Inspiron 6400!


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I'm completely new to this stuff and dont know anything about kernels and stuff like that.

I just burned the DVD for uphuck 10.4.9 v 1.3 and booted with it after i disable multi-core support (i have read it has problems).


My computer specs are:

Inspiron 6400

C2D T5300 1.73 ghz

1.5 GB ram

ATI x1400 video card

Dell 1390 wireless


When I boot up with the disk and I get to the customize install, I dont know what to pick

The options are:



=Intel SSE2

=Intel SSE3 - 1

=Intel SSE3 - 2



=Universal Kernel - 1

=Universal Kernel - 2

=Universal Kernel - 3



=IOATAFamily.kext 10.4.8


=AppleACPIPlatform.kext 10.4.8

=Remove CPUPowerManagement kext

=Remove Thermal kext

=Verbose Mode



+VGA Drivers [i know to pick ATI 1x00]

=ICH7 - R

=ICH8 - R





=nForce SATA


=Azalia Audio

=Realtek R1000

=Intel Pro/100 VE

+Ranlink USB Wireless

=IO802.11Family.kext 10.4.5


=Intel Speedstep



I know I have to pick all intel stuff, but which ones? There are so many intel options.

I tried installing this before by checkmarking every single option, but I got a panic error when it restarted after install.


Can anyone please help me? Which options do I pick?



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