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MBP Dual Layer Writing Issues

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I am having problems writing DL (dual layer) on my MBP. I am using + media (branded) and time after time it keeps saying it can't calobrate the laser for the media. Normally i'd think that was a disk/media problem, only they work in my crappy PC with a £22 DVD/DL burner. So far i've looked through issues with v10.4.11, firmware and called apple.


...and i was disguisted to see not even free tech support is available 4 months after i bought the thing from apple. I haven't bugged them with anything and now it's £35 just to talk to a techie after forking out four digits on a machine that doesn't seem to work! Anyway you look at it, that's nuts.


My question is, has anybody encountered this or have any advice on the matter, it's just driving me :) crazy!

Thanks guys & girls.





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