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your pm box is full so i had to post here sorry.



since i am having problems running the kalyway dvd i decided to shop for the exact hardware you are using in hopes if it works for you maybe it will work the first time without having to patch anything.


i wanted to be able to install the kalyway dvd from scratch no upgrading or installing over tiger, no windows) just format the drive with disk utilities and install and boot and run.


while searching for the cpu the one i came across is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819116254


is that the exact one you are using?



also i managed to get the kalyway dvd to boot i had to rip both the kalyway dvd and the toh dvd using toast on my mac mini duo intel then use disk utility to mount the images


then delete the packages from the toh image and copy the packages from the kalyway image to the toh image and burn to a dvdrw to make sure it wirked.


and it booted with the -legacy and -f commands.


now i installed it and once i got it installed and rebooted the pc and got system boot halted error also the startup disk did not show the hard drive despite that the installer showed it

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