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Cant Get SSE2 Enabled Tiger On My Computer!


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I'm new to this, so please forgive me if i make a mistake. I'm having problems with booting up SSE2 enabled Tiger on my machine. I'm getting a message that says,


panic(cpu 0 caller 0xC0180E8E): unexpected kernel trap, registers:

eax 0xc03a2000 -1069932544

ecx 0xc041591c -1069459172

edx 0xc041591c -1069459172

ebx 0xc2525160 -1034792608

esp 0x00000000 -0

ebp 0xc7db3ec8 -941932856

esi 0xc2542900 -1034671872

edi 0xc24bfc80 -1035207552

eip 0x00000000 -0

eflags 0x00010296 66198

Debugger called: <panic>


If anyone could help that would be great!!!


Computer Specs

Intel Celeron 2.80 GHz

1.5 GB RAM

80 GB HD

DVD Reader.

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