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Questions i coludn't find an answer for!

maan m

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i'm a newbie to the project and i found the idea very interesting cuz i'm tired of my xp and its problems

i'm planning on running leopard but my pc is a little old and i think it can hardly run vista...

pentium 4 2.4 ghz and i checked with cpuz and it's (sse2)

intel chipset 845 wn

768 mb ram (sdram)

ati radeon 9550 (256mb) running on AGP4x((can i use 1440x900 resolution)

60 gigs of HD (i don't think it's SATA)

so is this possible or i'm gonna have to run tiger?

also is it better if i do a clean installation for leopard then use bootcamp to install xp or do a dual boot keeping my xp

except deleting my whole data r there any risks of damage to my motherboard or BIOS?

i'm using a creative PCI modem for my DIAL UP connection would i have a problem with that?

i read much info and FAQs but i can't be sure about this...

i really appreciate ur help....

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