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problems with idle // breakdown


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Hi mates,


installed Jas 10.4.8, everything works out of the box - as long as it works :P !

I have recognized, that my OSX chrashes, if I don´t work continuously on the

machine, for instance I boot, wait a while (5 min), after sleepmodus my desktop

appeares once again, can move my cursor, but can´t start any program or push up a

menue. after 30 seconds the cursor changes to the rotating disc and the system is chrashed

(can only move the cursor/disk symbol). This is independent on sleepmodus. I´m running

itunes for instance, listening to some music for a while, when i get back to my computer

to go on working, cursor moves, can´t start any proggie, few seconds later the rotating disc appears, system is crashed ?


does anyone have an idea or solution ?


Thank u very much for your support, happy new year, best regards :)


P.S. one additional question: Is there a way to run tiger with orig. kernal as Leopard in vanilla-mode ?



mobo : Gigabyte ga-8inxp

proc. P4 Northwood 2,66 ghz

hd: maxtor diamondmax plus 80gb ide

mem: 2 gig kingston value ram

gra: asus V9520/TD (nvidia)


installer : Jas 10.4.8 (great!!!)

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