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I have managed to get OSX 10.5.1 installed after literally days of wrestling with it. I currently have a couple of issues I hope someone can help me with. I run an Nforce 4 chipset (SATA drives) and my PS/2 keyboard does NOT work. The lights don't light up and it simply doesn't work. For the moment, I have a USB keyboard plugged in, but I would like to use my Ps/2 keyboard if possible.


My second issue is that I am running a Shuttle. A Shuttle SN25P and I was wondering if there was any way to control the fans from inside of OSX like I can in Windows with Speedfan or Linux with the lm_sensors project.


My third issue is that I have a Via Envy24 Vinyl audio chipset which I would REALLY like to be able to use, since I can't add in another sound card via PCI. If anyone has any idea on where I could start to get these three issues resolved, I would be VERY happy. Thanks!

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