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Installation native trick


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Heres a trick to allow you to switch between windows and osx


You need two hard drives (SATA) and be ok with bios settings


Heres what I did


Firstly the machine had windows installed on SATA1 and I added another SATA drive (SATA2)

In the bios I disabled the first HD and all the other stuff that was likley to cause an issue like serial parallel ports

Then went on to install Leopard (only issue is sound) runs fine!


So to switch from one OS to the other its just a simple case of switching one drive off and the other on and either enabling the stuff switched off or not as the case may be


Works for me


Asus PSGD1-VM, 3Ghz P4 1Gb ram, onboard graphics, onboard nic + 2 250Gb sata hard drives


Bench mark give 68.6



Next trick is to try this on a dual xeon Dell Precision 670 second user I picked up for sub $500.00 will probably lose the Audigy 2 sound card as it does not work with a OSx (yet)

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