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Badaxe 2 Sleep


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Not sure if it's exactly the right forum for this post but nonetheless...


Does anyone have Badaxe2 sleep working with any 10.5.x install?

Currently I can sleep the computer but it doesn't wake back up.

Any Hints?



It's working via the 'Energy Saver' where it falls to sleep.

It wakes with mouse movement etc', no problem.


Via the 'Sleep' menu command I hear the drives click off and it won't wake.



Enabling Power button sleeps mac, allows it to wake it up as well.

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Checked that out, thanks Baron.


Actually, after further investigation it falls to sleep and wakes ok via Energy Saver settings, but if I send it to sleep via the menu I hear the hard drives click off and then it won't wake.


I'm using IDE drives, but they wake ok via Energy Saver.



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