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PackageMaker install kext


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I'm looking to make a .pkg that I can add to installation discs. I figured out how to make the package and all that. The only problem is that the package installer won't replace kexts that already exist. It will install a kext fine that didn't have a previous version, but not one that already exists. What do I need to do to replace the kext? I have it set to allow downgrades and that didn't change anything.


Its like when you use finder to replace a kext. If you drag and drop a kext into extensions that already exists it says that you don't have the permissions to overwrite it, and won't ask for authentication. However, if you delete the old kext first and then add the kext it will ask for authentication both times and everything is good.


I'm sure this can be done with a preinstall script, but I don't know what the syntax is to tell the installer to delete the kext only on the selected destination. I'd look into the other packages already contained in iATKOS or Kalyway to see how they did it but .pkg doesn't come apart like it did for Tiger versions. I know that this is pretty simple, I'm sure, but I couldn't find it after two days of looking and just decided to swallow my pride. Please, help?



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