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DVD-Burner Not Being Found

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Yes, I searched the forums. I can't find {censored} on this subject. So, I'm posting my own. I have OSx10.4.10 running at the moment and everything is just fine and dandy minus the fact that I cannot have the computer recgonize my DVD burner. It is a generic Lite-On-Type drive that works fully. Recgonized in the BIOS, Windows, everything. Problem is once I get up in Mac, it loses its affinity toward it.


If my IDE configuration is something you need to know, here it is.



DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive - Seen by Mac

DVD-RW Drive - Cannot be seen by Mac


80GB (XP/Vista Dual Boot Drive)

300GB (Storage)


160GB (Gaming Drive)


80GB (Mac Boot Drive)


320GB (Storage)



Any idea why it can't see the DVD-RW? Any suggestions or commentary would be useful. Thanks for the help.

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Very good. I tried that but I got no dice. But, I did switch the two drives around the Master/Slave config and for some odd reason both ended up showing up. I checked all my jumpers before but all I got was the DVD/CD-RW but just switching them around got me both the DVD-RW and the DVD/CD-RW. Weird, but I'll take it. Thanks.

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