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Please HELP!: Cannot get kernel 8.9.1 or higher running


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Can someone please shed some light on why I cannot get the 8.9.1 universal kernel running (or higher)?


I started with installing JaS 10.4.7 and sucessfully upgraded to 10.4.8/8.8.1 with titan.


Since then i have followed the many tutorials and have upgraded to 10.4.11. But no matter how hard I try i just get kernel panics if I attempt to run 8.9.1 or 8.11.1 (SSE2)


The panics seem to be routed around the IOPCIFamily extension. But I have tried different versions of this kext from 10.4.7 up.


My laptop is pentium M so it's SSE2 only.


I've since removed Titan in preference for NVInject, which gives me dual screen output.


So any ideas appreciated.



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