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No graphical Login Screen


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Hello :-)


Ive successfully installed mac os x on my p4 and it was running quite good. i encounter a strange problem tho. when i boot mac os the graphical login screen switches directly to the console where it asks for my username and password.


my problem is, i dont know how to start mac os x from the shell. is there a command for that (quite sure there is hehe) and i wonder why i cant login from the graphical login screen anymore? cant remember that i did something bad to cause that.


thanks a lot and looking forward to fixing this prob :-)




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Not sure if this will apply to X86, but it probably does

Bypassing LoginWindow


The second step in bypassing Aqua involves manipulating the file /etc/ttys. We'll open the file up in the pico editor. To do so, enter the command: sudo /usr/bin/pico /etc/ttys. The file will open in pico and you should see something like the following:



# @(#)ttys 5.2 (Berkeley) 6/10/93


# name getty type status comments


# If the console is marked insecure, single-user requires

# the root password.

#console "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt100 on secure

console "/System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/MacOS/loginwindow"


Notice the two lines that start with the word "console"? The first one is commented out, which means that the second is used. The second loads the LoginWindow. To bypass LoginWindow, comment out its line by preceding it with a # mark. The pico editor does not wrap the line, so be careful that during your changes parts of the LoginWindow line don't get pushed down to the next line. If they do, use backspace to move them back, being careful to maintain white space.


Now uncomment the first console line. You've now switched which of the two lines is commented out. Save your changes by pressing Ctrl+O, then Enter, then Ctrl+X. Reboot your system and you should now see your system's complete boot process and then be presented with a standard BSD-style login.

Reversing the Changes


To resume normal booting, use the command sudo /usr/sbin/nvram boot-args="". To resume using the normal login interface, swap the two console lines in /etc/ttys again.


taken from http://hacks.oreilly.com/pub/h/348

basically, you would go into the /etc/ttys and switch it to be using the one with loginwindow.app instead of getty.

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