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Kalyway Leopard extract error

Tlime machine

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I downloaded lp_kalyway_10.5.1_intel_sse2_sse3.z01 to .z037 with an .zip file from b:z and tried extracting it but winrar gives this error "! D:\Mack\lp_kalyway_10.5.1_intel_sse2_sse3.z01: CRC failed in the encrypted file lp_kalyway_10.5.1_intel_sse2_sse3\KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3\kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso (wrong password ?)"

Note: I got the password and can extract other files in the zip except for the Iso.

and most of the files (dl with flashget)have an size of 99,614,720 bytes while others (dl with firefox) have an size of 99,622,226 bytes. Is this the problem?

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