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Got Leopard installed . . .


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Hello, my friend.


It is time for me to ask for help. I have the following system:


AsRock Conroe 1333 DVI/H


2 Gigs Ram


80 gig IDE HD called "mac"


7300 GT Video Card



I can only boot up to the HD in the safe (-X) mode. I have to choose between NET and one other like Audio or Video. I have had the sound working before and also, I have had the Video working. It was too much trouble to get the Kext working for the sound card on this motherboard, so I got an external usb sound device. It worked beautifully this morning at 7am. But, my Video needed more resolutions. And, I wanted to try to get it to believe it was a REAL mac so I could get the updates.


If you could explain me a way to fix this problem without reinstalling Leopard again, it would be really nice.


There must be a way to fix something once it is installed.


I have installed with the GUID scheme. And, I think now, it is MBR. How do I know when I get the EFI correct and it will let me update with a real mac download? I don't want to go through this every time.


When I boot without the CD in, I have to hit -x and then I have to type in some other stuff that it tells me to type before it will complete a boot. This morning it was booting fine but I hafe reinstalled and repartioned it many times today.


Right now, I have Video and NET working. Need sound and the ability to upgrade.


Please help!! my email is: yhmmc@yahoo.com . Thanks!



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Ok post what install dvd you used first of all. You know you able to run updates if you are running the vanilla kernel. You can tell if you have EFI installed by checking when you boot your computer, look right after it says darwin bootloader, it should flash something about EFI emulation. You also can run geekbench, and it should say under model name either mac or your mobo. Hope this helps.

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its mainly video problem. add .bak after NVHAL*.kext, NVResman.kext

or it should be applecpupowermanagemet (or st like that).

or sometimes APPLEHPET.KEXT


rename adding .bak del /system/library/extension.kext

or touch .........................

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Thank You Gentlemen for your suggestions.


I installed off of the kalyway 10.5.1 disk, his latest.


My situation now is as follows:


I can only boot up in the Safe Mode to boot up from the Hard drive.


I now have both video and NET working. But, my audio is not working.


It says MacPro in specs, but it still says hackintosh. As long as it says this, then I cannot upgrade with apple, right?


I am a noobie. How do you install Kexts? Do I just doubleclick on the installer package?


Do I have to do anything else to the kext like erase other ones and such?


Sorry for the most basic questions. Rember we are all Noobies at something.


Happy New Year!! Let's have a GREAT 2008!!!


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